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Tooth Sensitivity in Bradenton

Discover a life free from the limitations of tooth sensitivity with Manatee Dental At College Plaza. Tooth sensitivity can range from a minor inconvenience to unbearable pain, interfering with your enjoyment of daily life. While it’s common for everyone to have some degree of sensitivity, it shouldn’t be severe enough to stop you from enjoying ice cream or hot beverages. That’s why we are dedicated to providing solutions to this problem. Read on to learn about tooth sensitivity, its causes, prevention strategies, and the effective treatments available. Take control of your dental health and schedule a consultation with us today.

All About Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem that occurs when the layer of dentin beneath your enamel becomes exposed. This dentin is found in both the visible part of the tooth called the crown and the roots below the gum line. Enamel erosion and gum recession are often to blame for sensitivity. Unlike the hard outer coating of enamel, dentin has numerous tiny tunnels that allow sensitivity triggers like heat, cold, acidity, or stickiness to reach the nerves inside the tooth, causing discomfort. Sensitivity affects people of all ages and health levels—even those who have otherwise perfect teeth. Tooth sensitivity can also be a sign of more serious issues like cavities, gum disease, or a cracked tooth.

Common symptoms of tooth sensitivity include spontaneous tooth pain, sensitivity in one or more adjacent teeth, sharp pain when a tooth is exposed to hot or cold, pain while biting or chewing, and discomfort when using alcohol-based mouthwash. You also might experience pain when breathing through your teeth, especially in cold weather. Whatever the cause, our dental office specializes in personalizing solutions to address tooth sensitivity and improve your dental health.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Excessive brushing, teeth grinding, teeth whitening procedures, and consuming acidic foods and beverages can all lead to tooth sensitivity by wearing down the protective enamel and exposing the sensitive dentin. If you’re experiencing sensitivity, it’s important to discuss your symptoms with your dentist in Bradenton because they may indicate underlying dental issues. For instance, gum disease can lead to tooth sensitivity. Rest assured, by pinpointing the causes and obtaining quality dental care, you can once again enjoy eating and drinking without any discomfort.

Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, take the first step and schedule an appointment with Manatee Dental At College Plaza. Our team of expert dentists will perform a thorough examination to identify the cause of your sensitivity. If tooth sensitivity is the problem, we offer a range of excellent treatment options in Bradenton, including desensitizing toothpaste, fluoride treatments, and more. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs. Plus, your dentist can suggest specific brands of toothpaste or provide instructions for at-home treatments. They might also recommend lifestyle changes, like avoiding certain foods or drinks.

Are There Ways to Prevent Tooth Senstivity?

The main way to keep tooth sensitivity under control is by having a solid dental care routine. Don’t forget to floss and use a soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste. The key is to be gentle while brushing, avoiding aggressive scrubbing. Focus on effectively removing plaque without going overboard. Also, avoid abrasive toothpaste. If you’re unsure which toothpaste to choose, ask your dentist for a custom recommendation.

Some foods and beverages can cause problems, particularly acidic ones that can gradually erode tooth enamel and increase sensitivity. Be mindful and consume these items in moderation. If you’re already experiencing sensitivity, it’s best to avoid them altogether. Here are the main culprits to watch out for:

• Certain carbonated drinks

• Citrus fruits

• Sticky candies

• Alcoholic beverages

However, sometimes it’s hard to resist your favorite treats. So, if you do give in to temptation, there are a few tricks to safeguard your teeth. After consuming acidic snacks or drinks, rinsing your mouth with water helps balance the acidity. Additionally, it’s advisable to wait for about an hour after snacking before you brush to allow your teeth to recover and fortify their outer surfaces.

Affordable Dental Care in Bradenton

At Manatee Dental At College Plaza, our team is committed to providing affordable options that prioritize oral health. We believe that taking a proactive approach to dental care can prevent minor concerns from becoming major issues. That’s why our dental professionals focus on utilizing the latest technologies and their expertise to make sure your smile is healthy and free from pain. We make it our top priority to deliver an experience that’s tailored to your needs.

We understand how uncomfortable tooth sensitivity can be and offer comprehensive dental services to help you reclaim strong, healthy teeth and gums. Don’t let tooth sensitivity hold you back anymore—schedule an appointment with us today and start enjoying your favorite foods and drinks with confidence.

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