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A dental emergency can happen at any time and leave you wondering, “Where can I find emergency dental care near me?” In times like these, you need to know where you can find emergency dental care to relieve the problem promptly and prevent later damage or complications. This helpful guide should answer all of your questions about urgent dental care.

How can I find emergency dental care near me?

You can find emergency dental care for most general emergencies at our trusted practice. Our emergency dentists in Bradenton provide emergency dental services during our regular business hours. Please call our practice if you experience a general emergency while we are open and we will strive to provide you with same-day treatment. Our skilled dentist will diagnose your issue, alleviate your discomfort, and evaluate whether additional treatment will be needed at a later time to prevent it from recurring. But please keep in mind that our emergency dentists only treat patients during our regular office hours. If you experience an after-hours dental emergency, over the weekend, or involving a severe dental problem like persistent oral bleeding, a jaw injury, or major trauma to the teeth, face, or jaw, call 911 or visit your local hospital immediately for care.

Which services are offered at an emergency dental office near me?

Emergency dental services include any type of urgent treatment that is needed to alleviate sudden dental problems, such as treating a painful toothache, relieving orthodontic discomfort, repairing dental damage, restoring crowns and fillings, and treating other sorts of general dental concerns that are causing great pain or problems. Our emergency dentists in Bradenton offer a number of urgent dental care services during regular office hours. But if you suddenly suffer an emergency outside of our hours, during the weekend, or face very serious bleeding, jaw injuries, or major severe dental trauma, you must immediately call 911 or head to your nearest hospital. We offer the following types of emergency dental care:

  1. Treatment for tooth pain, mouth pain, and dental pressure caused by decay or injury
  2. Emergency extraction of teeth
  3. Relief of swelling and minor wisdom tooth pain
  4. Restoration of missing, loose, or damaged fillings and crowns
  5. Treatment for tooth infections
  6. Orthodontic pain, pressure, broken braces brackets, and damaged wires
  7. Emergency repair for fractures, chips, and cracks in teeth

When should I look for an emergency dental office near me?

Many people are unsure of when to call an emergency dental office for their dental problem. You should seek emergency care if you experience any of the general dental problems listed below. If you do, our emergency dentists in Bradenton are able to provide you with urgent treatment for such problems that arise during our regular business hours. But remember, we only offer emergency dental services during our office hours. In case a weekend or after-hours dental emergency strikes, involving major oral bleeding, a serious jaw injury, or severe trauma to the dental and facial areas, please call 911 or visit the hospital nearest you. If you notice any of the following conditions or symptoms, call our practice during regular business hours so we can treat your dental emergency:

Fractures and Breaks in Teeth

It’s important to treat a fractured or broken tooth quickly to avoid infection or further structural damage. When you experience fractures and breaks in teeth, please use dental wax to cover any jagged edges and then call our office for an appointment and we will fit you in as soon as we can.

Sensitivity in Teeth

If your teeth tingle when you have very hot or cold food and drinks, you’re suffering from sensitivity in teeth. The problem may be caused by an underlying infection or fracture, so you need to see a dentist right away for treatment.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Be assured that our dentists are able to re-implant any knocked-out teeth, as long as you as soon as possible.  If this happens to you, gather all fragments of the tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water, hold the tooth by the crown, and try to re-place the tooth back into the socket. Call us for detailed directions.

Loose and Missing Tooth Fillings

When you suddenly notice loose or missing tooth fillings, don’t wait; call our office during regular business hours for treatment. This is the only way to prevent any possible pain, sensitivity, or dental damage.

Pain from Cavities

A build-up of decay causes cavities that can become extremely painful. Luckily, our dentists can relieve any discomfort and properly treat the decayed tooth.

Abscesses In Teeth

Our emergency dentists have extensive experience treating abscesses in teeth. An abscess is an infection deep within the tooth that can lead to sudden tooth pain, sensitive teeth, swollen glands, bad breath, and fever. A lack of treatment can cause complications, so these problems demand immediate treatment.

Tooth Pain and Pressure

It’s very common to deal with sudden tooth pain and pressure. But it always demands immediate treatment, especially if you also experience great pressure, an earache, a fever, or other unusual symptoms.

Damaged Crowns and Missing Tooth Restorations

When you have damaged crowns and missing tooth restorations, your teeth are more prone to problems. But our emergency dentists can provide a temporary or long-term solution resolution to restore your attractive smile.

Receded Tooth Enamel from Habitual Tooth Grinding

Bruxism is the formal name for the condition marked by uncontrollable grinding of teeth. Over time, sufferers notice that they have receded tooth enamel from habitual tooth grinding. But our dentists can help protect the teeth from this further damage by providing a night guard.

Sinus Pain and Pressure

Many times, sinus pain and pressure is related to a dental problem, especially when both occur simultaneously. if this happens to you, call us so we determine whether your discomfort is caused by a serious problem like an infection or impacted wisdom teeth.

Orthodontic Pain, Pressure, and Injuries

Many people deal with orthodontic pain, pressure, and injuries, but our emergency dentists can ease your pain and repair your damaged braces to ensure their comfort and safety.

If you face any of there dental problems during our regular business hours, please call us to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable emergency dentists.

What should I do when a very severe dental emergency occurs?

While our emergency dentists can treat general emergency cases during our regular office hours, certain dental issues demand more specialized or immediate care. If you face an extremely severe dental problem such as:

  • Major bleeding
  • Extensive swelling of the gums or face
  • Sudden trauma to the teeth, jaw, face, or head

For 24-hour dental emergency treatment, you will need to call 911, contact your primary physician, or go to your closest hospital.

How much should emergency dental care cost me?

There is no precise answer because the cost of emergency care is determined by a number of factors. As a result, the cost will differ for every patient. In addition, the costs will be higher for certain advanced services or more extensive treatment. At our emergency dental office, we understand that cost is a concern for many. This is why we accept most forms of dental insurance. If you don’t have dental insurance coverage, be assured that we can provide you with many ways to make care much more affordable. We have financing programs, take most major credit cards, and offer the special DentRite® discount dental plan. DentRite® is not dental insurance, but simply a discount plan that provides both individuals and families with savings on many dental procedures once only covered by conventional insurance. With DentRite®, you and your family can get the outstanding dental care you need, along with these worthwhile advantages:

  • Everyone is eligible and accepted
  • Membership can be for individuals or entire families
  • Basic flat-fee pricing schedule
  • No need to file complicated administrative forms
  • Unlimited usage
  • Cancellation can be made within 30 days for a complete refund, except for a one-time processing fee

Feel free to call our office for additional information.

When an emergency occurs during the night or over the weekend, where should I go for help?

For 24-hour dental emergency treatment, call 911 or go straight to closest hospital for immediate treatment. But if you face a general emergency during our regular office hours, please call our practice as soon as possible to schedule treatment and we’ll relieve your dental discomfort.

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